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Using Xbuilder to bind SNVTs


  • How to transfer data from one device to another in Xbuilder?
  • If it is possible to bind SNVT values in through Xenta Servers?


  • Xenta Servers (Xenta 511, Xenta 527, Xenta 701, Xenta 711, Xenta 721, Xenta 731, Xenta 913)


For some reason, if a user need to transfer data from one device to another under a Xenta Server (mostly, from third party devices to third party devices without using NL220 or LonMaker), “Connection Object” feature can be used to achieve this request.


This example is showing how to transfer a room temperature value from an IO module under a Xenta 721 to a programmed SNVT input in a Xenta 301under the same Xenta 721. Other applications should be in a similar manner.

  1. Under “System” panel, right click on the folder site. (Default name is “The site name”)

  2. Expand the connection object by clicking on the “+” button on the top left. A “From” signal and a “To” signal will be displayed as shown below.

  3. Drag and drop the value from the IO module in the “Network” Panel (in this case, it is the U1 Value) on to the “From” signal as shown below.

  4. Find the SNVT variable created in the Xenta 301. In this example, go to LON->LWNetwork->XG->DDC->SNVT->LonMarkObjects->Node_Object_1->NetworkVariables->nvi_SpaceTemp. Then drag and drop this signal onto the “To” signal as shown below.
    NOTE: Do not choose the signals under “Public Signals” folder. Those signals are NOT writable.

  5. Download the project into Xenta server, the biding should start working by this point.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended to use NL220 or LonMaker to do SNVT bindings for better and more stable performances. Large amount of connection object communications may cause Xenta servers to go offline frequently.

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