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Using a 7793 and the door parameters are missing in the SAV file (when viewed "offline")


Have a save file from a two station 7793 MCI controller that does not retain any door parameters, time schedules or personnel schedules when viewed through offline.  The parameters are seen and present in the online controller.


I/NET Seven 2.xx up to I/NET Seven 2.41A

Dual Station Controller 7793


The door parameter upload stops when a personnel schedule 31 is entered on any door on the second station of the 7793.  


If you are using I/NET 2.41 or below:

  • A work around is to delete the Personnel Schedules on any door which is using Schedule #31 on the second station address of the 7793.
  • A patch is available only for I/NET revision 2.31, please contact Product Support for verification of this problem so this patch can be provided.  Reference this article number.

Rectification of this issue will be in revision 2.41A and above.

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