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Using a Combo Box control to launch objects from a Pinpoint graphic.


How can I use a Combo Box control to select and launch a ListView.


  • Pinpoint
  • CyberStation
  • Combo Box
  • Graphic Panel


Customer wants to be able to select a listview, graphic, etc. from a Pinpoint graphic panel using a Combo Box.


Creating the Combo Box on a Pinpoint Graphic.

  1. Create a String object named "ObjectName.Str"
  2. Edit the graphic panel.
  3. Add a Combo Box from the Active Component menu.
  4. Right click on the boarder of the Combo Box
  5. Select the ObjectName.Str object you just created.
  6. In the selection text, add a line with the Alias of each listview you want to launch from the Combo Box.
  7. Save and run the graphic.

Linking the Graphic Name to the object that is to be opened.

  1. Create a fallthru program called GraphicLaunch.Pr
  2. Have the program compare the ObjectName.Str text with the alias of specific objects.
  3. When the ObjectName.Str text is the same as the text of the object, launch that object using the Show command.

For example:

  If ObjectName.Str = "Alarms_LastHour" then
    Show Alarms_LastHour
  If ObjectName.Str = "Alarms_Today" then
    Show Alarms_Today

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