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Using a STR35X with a CO2 sensor or humidity sensor


  • How to display humidity level or CO2 level on a STR350/STR351?
  • What type of sensor can display humidity or CO2 level?


  • STR 350
  • SHR 100


All Schneider Electric made humidity sensors and CO2 sensors do not have display. In order to display the value locally, need to wire the sensor to a STR 350, and configure the STR 350 for display.


  1. Wire humidity sensor or CO2 sensor to STR 351 or STR 351's AUX. input channels.
  2. Following Lessons Learned Article #4346 to add the STR 350 or STR351 into the network.
  3. Change nciOption2 bit 6-8 according to the sensor type.
    Note: If using a plug in or adding the STR 35X in Xbuilder, can simply follow the configuration guide.
  4. Set nciOptioin2 bit 9 to a value of 1. This allows the humidity or CO2 to be displayed on the STR.
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