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Using a Schedule to restrict Email Notifications


How can Email notifications be configured so that notifications are delivered only at certain times of the day?


  • Versions 1.5 and older
  • Email Notification
  • Schedule


Email notifications are required to go out only during non work hours.


Verisons 1.5 and older

SmartStruxure versions up to 1.4 cannot filter Notifications based on Time of Day alone (i.e. time without a date component) because it is built on a platform that does not parse out time of day without date. In short, it evaluates time relative to an epoch or specified point in time.  However scheduled notifications can be done in the following way below.

  1. Create a User named Email Delivery.
  2. Create an Automatic Assignment to assign Email Delivery to the alarm.
  3. Add a schedule to the Automatic Assignment object that controls when the assignment is made.
  4. 5. Set up the Notification Alarm Filter to look for alarms that are assigned to Email Delivery.
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