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Using a sound or visual notification of alarms in Vista Server


How can a sound or light be triggered when an alarm or alarm type is active.


Vista 5.x.x.


Vista Server uses two sum alarm objects that control a database points for each alarm priority when they meet the criteria of the sum alarm type.


Any alarm in that priority that requires an acknowledgement.

If acknowledgement reset is enabled then an alarm will trigger the Acoustic Sum Alarm a second time when it has returned to normal and requires a second acknowledgement.


Active when any alarm in that priority is active or awaiting acknowledgement from a return to normal condition. Acknowledging the alarm does not stop the Optic Sum Alarm.


To configure a sum alarm for control of physical objects such as a buzzer or light first setup the alarms to use a specific alarm priority.

Select either the $Acoustic or $Optic sum alarm in the TAC Vista folder or the Vista Server object and select the properties of the sum alarm object.

Select the browse button next to the priority of the alarms that match your criteria and browse to the database point that will trigger control logic or a physical output that results in an audible buzzer or a visible light. To send a value to multiple controllers use an internal database point then use Object Transfer to send it to multiple controllers for control of physical equipment.

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