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Using lontool32 to download a stand-alone controller


A stand-alone Xenta programmable controller can have an application downloaded into it using a serial cable and Menta. However, if that base unit has additional Xenta 400 I/O modules associated with it, they will never recognize and associate with their base controller.

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • Stand-Alone Xenta Programmables
  • Xenta 280, 281, 282, 283, 300, 301, 302, 401, 401:B
  • Xenta 400 I/O Modules
  • Menta


A direct download of a Menta application does not download any network description information along with it (.ndb file) -- it is application only.  The controller can be downloaded via System Plug-in, which places the .ndb file into the controllers, but this requires the creation of a "dummy" network.  lontool32 offers a quick work around for truly stand-alone controllers.


It is best to use the most current system program for this method as older versions may not work. Note: While Menta allows for configuration of the communications port from COM1 to COM9, lontool32 can only communicate on COM1. Follow the instructions in Reassigning a USB Serial Adaptor to a desired COM port to force the hardware to COM1. Then launch the Menta Setup tool from the Start Menu (Start >All Programs > Schneider Electric > TAC Tools X.X.X > Menta Setup) and set the Com Port to 1.

  1. Using Menta, create and download your .MTA file to the Xenta programmable using the direct connect method. This connection will also be used for lontool32 downloads.
  2. After Downloading, ensure Menta is "offline" to allow lontool32 an active connection on COM1.
  3. Open the lontool32 program which is located in your Menta program folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\TAC Menta 5.X.X\lontool32.exe)
  4. In lontool32, select the add button to add group, then select add node to add Base Unit.
  5. Double click on the Base unit to edit the node in the Network Configuration window.
  6. Select the Upload button to retrieve the Device and associated  I/O information. You will see this information populate the "database" column and associated I/O will populate the "I/O Modules" window below.
    *If the upload button remains grayed out, Ensure the Menta connection is "Offline" or follow the instructions here Reassigning a USB Serial Adaptor to a desired COM port to force the hardware to COM1. Also, check in the TAC Menta Setup program to verify that the Com Port is set to 1.
  7. Edit each I/O module by right clicking and selecting "Edit I/O".
    1. Use the "Service Pin" button to set the Neuron ID . 
    2. Enter the Subnet and a unique Node address in the appropriate text boxes.
    3. Repeat this procedure for every base unit in the network. If the network will contain more than one Base Unit, one must be designated as master by selecting the "master" check box in the Network Configuration window.
  8. When all the I/O has been updated, Select the "Download" button to generate and send the .NDB file to the base unit.
  9. Your I/O Modules should now be online which can be verified by the status light now oscillating every second vs. flashing quickly.
  10. If the Subnet Node information populates to a 0, you must type a subnet address and unique Node address for each unit on the network.  
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