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Using multiple monitors in SmartStruxure


Using multiple monitors when working in SmartStruxure Workstation. Starting in version 1.4.1, there is now the option to utilize multiple monitors with SmartStruxure Workstation.


  • Multiple Monitors
  • WorkStation


The desire to place any pane in WorkStation on a separate monitor including the alarm, watch, and event windows. This can be a very productive feature for a building front end computer or even in the engineering stages of the system.


Versions 1.4.1 and newer

The multi-monitor display support in SmartStruxure WorkStation includes the ability to save and rest workspace layouts.

  • Individual user at a given WorkStation can modify the workspace layout and save it such that whenever that user logs in using that PC the workspace will revert to his/her modified layout.
  • Included in the modified layout is the ability to move panes to a second monitor and have those panes positioned in the same way whenever that user logs in with that PC.
  • The user can revert to the default layout at any time.


How to move WorkStation panes to a second monitor

  • Click and drag the title bar of any pane in WorkStation that you wish to move to another monitor. The pane will appear as a purple shadow until you release it. 

How to save the workspace layout for the current user

  • At the top of the WorkStation window, click on the View menu and select "Save workspace layout". Now when you log out and then log back in as the same user, the layout will remain the same. To set the layout back to the default, go to the View menu and select "Reset workspace layout".
    Note: When working with two monitors and a laptop on a docking station, if you undock the laptop with a two monitor workspace layout, you will no longer be able to see the panes that you have moved to the second monitor. To correct this you will need to go to the View menu and select "Reset workspace layout".


Versions 1.4.0 and prior

You can use WorkStation and WebStation on multiple monitors in release 1.1.

You can:

  • Launch multiple instances of the clients and run them on different monitors.
  • In WorkStation, “Tear off” view windows and position on different monitors.
Manual positioning of windows is needed. To get more automatic behavior at startup or logon, it is better to run with multiple computers with separate displays or see if a 3rd party window positioning utility can help.
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