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Using provisioning Niagara to schedule (automated) ENC station backup


Using provisioning Niagara to schedule (automated) ENC station backup


I/A Series G3 version 3.3 and above


The station in an ENC (Enterprise Network Controller) can be copied to the ENS (Enterprise Network Server) computer for back up. This can be done by an user using the ENC's Platform Station Copier. There is a need to have an automated process to backup the ENC's station periodically.


Use provisioning Niagara and configure an automated station backup.

Provisioning Niagara means an administrator can configure the Enterprise Network Server automation of the following:

  • one or more pre-defined tasks (station backups, install software, update licenses, and copy files)
  • against one or more (potentially many) stations in its Niagara Network
  • done from the Enterprise Network Server
  • in a way where results are recorded and can be referred to later.

Refer to this document for a summarized procedure.

You should refer to the technical document 'Niagara Ax 3.5 Provisioning Guide for Niagara Networks' for detailed information on using provisioning Niagara. This document is included with the installation of the I/A Series G3 software and it is located in '\niagara\niagara-3.x.xx\docs\docProvisioningNiagara'. 

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