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Using terminal load as the activation input of an exception mode in a TAC Xenta 121.


How to configure an exception mode of a TAC Xenta 121 device to use terminal load as the activation input.


  • TAC Xenta 121-HP
  • TAC Xenta 121-FC
  • ZBuilder


To use Terminal Load in an Exception mode both the version of ZBuilder as well as the version of the system program of the TAC Xenta 121 device must be taken into consideration. 


TerminalLoad used as input to Exception mode in Xenta 121
ZBuilder version Firmware <1.14 Firmware 1.14 Firmware > 1.23
< 5.1.3 No Yes1 No
5.1.3 No Yes1 Yes2
5.1.4 No Yes1 Yes2
5.1.5 or later No Yes1 Yes

1 Only exception modes 7 and 8 can be used for this; this is done by selecting Space Temp as the activation input for the exception mode and also setting nciAppOption2.bit12 manually in the device (in Vista Workstation this point is Applic.UCPTappOptions2.bit12). These steps are described in TPA-MALR-09-0003.00.

2 Only exception modes 7 and 8 can be used for this; the activation input can be correctly set as Terminal Load in the exception mode in ZBuilder.

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