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Using the 913 as a NPR in I/NET


  • Can the Xenta 913 be used as a NPR in I/NET?
  • Will the Xenta 913 transfer (via Connection Objects) from one I/NET link to another?


  • I/NET Seven
  • Xenta 913


Although the Xenta 913 appears in the I/NET network configuration and parameters appears the same as a NPR not all functions are possible.  Refer to the resolution to below for supported communications:


Even though the 913 has some basic NPR functionality to I/NET it does not function 100% as a NPR like the 527 or 731 does. The 913 will not pass any AMT information to a host, nor will it pass global indirect points from link to link. It is recommended to only use the 527 or 731 as an NPR to an I/NET system.

Click the picture above to open this image in PDF format.

It should also be noted that provided the Xenta 913 is connected on the TCPIP network it is possible to create connection objects across I/NET links.  The Xenta must be part of the I/NET network, that is add the reference host to the Xenta 913 configuration then all links will be available to the device.

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