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Utility Port Test


Prior to configuring and setting up an Accessxpert System it is imperative that the designated ports required should be tested to ensure communications can be established.



Premise Install


Server 2012


When configuring an Accessxpert System to communicate to either a Hosted or Premise Instance, there are several ports that needs to be opened to establish communications to the server wherever it may be. If these are not opened then the system and the controller's statuses would not be able to be seen when opened from a web browser.


To verify the port settings, please follow these steps:

1. Download the Feenics Network Utility tester from Feenics Download. Note: You must be a registered subscriber of the Feenics website to access the files:

2. Save and run the utility from respective media *** IMPORTANT Run the utility from a PC located in the same network as the AX-SSC, remember, we are trying to see if ports are open for communication between the AX-SSC and its server.

3. Insert the Server address into the location and click on the Test button

4. The results wil indicate which ports are opened and which ones are not

At least ports 3001 and 4502 need to be opened to get your AX-SSC online with the server.


In the Server Address enter the name or IP address of the on premise server

If the tool indicates the port isnt opened check that the Mercury Service is up and running at the server.

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