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Utility to verify TGML graphic links and bindings


This utility, TAC Vista Check References, will check references (every binding and every link) on every graphic at once and provide a summary of any empty or invalid database paths. It will also allow you to correct these broken or missing links and bindings.


  • TGML Graphics
  • Vista Workstation
  • Links/Bindings


Viewing the bindings or links of a TGML graphic can traditionally only be done on individual graphics one at a time. In addition, to see if a network path is invalid, it must be clicked on and will turn red if there is a problem.


This utility was created by Benjamin Roswall at Schneider Electric Denmark. It is not an official release, nor is it supported by Schneider Electric. While it has been tested and used successfully, it should be used at your own risk.

  1. Download the TAC Vista Check References Utility by clicking here.
  2. Unzip the file onto the harddrive, view extracted files
  3. Double click TAC Vista Check References.exe
  4. Make sure Vista Server is running, click Login and log in to the database
  5. Choose whether to check for empty paths, and whether to validate .[OBJECT] bindings
  6. Click Check
  7. A summary of the network can be viewed and saved by switching between tabs.

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