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Values from Script programming not showing up in correct format or Units


The values from a script program are not showing up in Workstation in the correct format. For example, the values are Integers instead of a floating format that provides numbers down to the decimal. A second issue is that the data type icons are incorrect.

The values used by the script program are not functioning because they are being calculated using the wrong units.

The screen shot below shows a section of a binding page where the "Blr 1Failed" icon shows the correct data type (digital), but "Blr 2Failed and Blr 3Failed" do not.


  • Workstation
  • Script Editor


The type of point and the units can be set inside the script program. This may cause a different format to be displayed in Workstation other than what is expected.

When comparing values in a script program it may be required to set units to ensure that proper comparison is done.


Check the settings of the points within the Script program.


  1. Open up the Script program by right clicking on it in Workstation and going to Edit.
  2. With the script program open, look at the point and unit types in the Variables window at the bottom. Make sure that these are the desired settings and save the program.
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