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Variable Status Alarms do not operate on a BACnet point.


If a Variable status alarm is setup on a BACnet point it never triggers.


Workstation V1.8.1  and earlier


The reason is that the 3 available triggers (Forced, Overridden and Offline) do not apply to the BACnet protocol.

If you open up the bindings page for a BACnet point you will see that none of the BACnet point attributes are the same as these 3 trigger statuses.


Although from the SBO side you can force a point, what actually happens is that the value becomes commanded at "Command priority 8" (by default). The BACnet protocol does not have a Forced attribute.

There is also no attribute listed for Overridden and Offline point in the BACnet standard.

Because of this the Variable Status Alarm does not apply to a BACnet point.

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