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Viconics stats and controller offline alarms


Viconics stats are only showing as offline in Continuum using the "controller status" notification when being accessed

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  • Viconics Stats


Viconics BACnet stats must be probed in order to return alarms


There are 3 probe types that can be set up in Continuum. Probe, ProbeOnDemand and ProbeOff. 

These types can be  configured in Cyberstation and in the Viconics Stat from Continuum Explorer  (Edit>General Tab>ProbeType drop down selection) 

"Probe Time" can also be adjusted on the Cyberstation (default is 60 seconds)

Testing Results

  1. Cyberstation Probe Type changed to "Probe", Probe Time=60 seconds. Viconics stat set to it's default of "Probe Off"
    Remove mstp connector result: no alarm until the Viconics stat is opened (This probes the device)
  2. Cyberstation Probe Type changed to "Probe", Probe Time=60 seconds. Viconic stat set to "Probe"
    Remove mstp connector result: alarm comes in automatically after 60 seconds

Probe Type and Probe Time Definitions (Continuum Help) 

Consider and these options and their affects on the system when making a selection

  • Probe - Probing occurs at the interval specified in Probe Time.  The default is 60 seconds.  The advantage of this is that CyberStation detects a device going offline regardless of whether or not CyberStation is attempting communications with the device. The disadvantage is excess probe traffic for devices.
  • ProbeOnDemand - Probing does not occur unless a communications transaction with the target device fails. Once a transaction fails then probing occurs at the interval specified in Probe Time until the device comes back online. The advantage is that additional requests to the controller fail immediately. The disadvantage if that node failure is not detected  until a CyberStation application needs to communicate with a controller. 
  • ProbeOff - Probing does not occur. The advantage is that there is never probe traffic to the device. The disadvantage is that each request to the device fails only after the transaction times out.

Also see the following article related to Viconics stats and performance: Problems and cautions when communicating with TAC (Viconics) Bacnet communicating thermostats

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