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[Video] Installing I/NET and Vista on the Same PC Using I/NET with MSDE for File Equalization


Installing I/NET and Vista on the Same PC Using I/NET with MSDE for File Equalization


  • I/NET 2.31 with MSDE
  • Vista 5.1.4 with SQL2005 Express
  • Windows XP


When Installing I/NET and Vista on the same PC and MSDE is desired for use with I/NET, I/NET must be installed first. If you are not using MSDE, please see Lessons Learned Article #4255.


  1. Completely Remove I/NET, Vista and all versions of SQL and MSDE from the system. See Lesson Learned Article #2992 and Lesson Learned Article #4595 for more details.
  2. Begin the I/NET Installation
  3. Select MSDE for the database installation.
  4. Complete I/NET and MSDE installation
  5. Install Vista
  6. Start Vista Server
  7. Start I/NET
  8. Configure I/NET as a Filemaster
  9. Build Database or restore from a backup.

The video may take up to 1 minute to start. Right-click and select Zoom > Full Screen to enlarge.
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