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VisiSat 2.1 Build 185/196 Cannot find VisiSat "CustomiseUI" add-on to Visio.


VisiSat 2.1 Build 185/196 Cannot find VisiSat “CustomiseUI” add-on to Visio.


  • Internal error 0x86DB08A9
  • VisiSat CustomiseUI
  • Visio
  • VisiSat 2.1 Build 185
  • VisiSat 2.1 Build 196


Visio 2003 does not recognise or register VisiSat 2.1 Build 185/196 installation CustomiseUI. Some or all the files required by VisiSat are missing. You may need to re-install Visio and/or VisiSat to clear the problem.


When VisiSat 2.1 Build 185/196 on some Windows XP pro / Visio 2003 computers the following error is displayed.

Carry out the following; which should fix the problem.

  1. Open Visio 2003 (Not VisiSat)
  2. On the menu bar, under tools select options.
  3. Select the advance tab.
  4. Select file paths.
  5. Delete all entries.

    Then select OK
  6. Select OK.
  7. OK the next window

    Visio 2003 should now close.
  8. Run up VisiSat
    VisiSat should run up OK now.
  9. If you close VisiSat and open Visio 2003 the paths should now show.
  10. VisiSat should open correctly now.

Options: Most of the enhancements in VisiSat 2.1 build 185/196 are to incorporate StruxureWare functionality.

  1. If you are running VisiSat on Windows XP with Visio 2003, then consideration could be given to using VisiSat 2.1 build 148 instead.
  2. If you are running on Windows 7 you could consider upgrading the Visio 2003 software to Visio 2007 or Visio 2010.

Click here to download VisiSat 2.1 Build 148. (Direct link) (files size is 42 meg).
(your original VisiSat registration form (version 2.0/2.1 only), provides proof of purchase and will be required when unlocking this VisiSat version.

If you require further assistance, please contact Product Support.

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