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VisiSat 2.1 project upgrade program


VisiSat 2.1 project upgrade program


VisiSat 2.1


The VisiSat 2.1 upgrade program supplied with VisiSat 2.0 and 2.1, is to upgrade projects originally created in VisiSat 1.1 or 1.2 to the VisiSat 2.* format. VisiSat version 1.* stored all project information under the main project folder. VisiSat 2.* stores all project information and controller configurations under a folder "VisiSat" under the project folder.


Projects must be upgraded and import if originally created in VisiSat 1.*. DO NOT just copy VisiSat 1.* files into a folder named VisiSat under your project folder, then run it in VisiSat 2.*. You will experience problems with your project if this is done.

Note: The way VisiSat 2.* stores and accesses the point information is completely different to VisiSat 1.*.

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