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VisiSat version 2.1 Build 196 service pack 1


VisiSat 2.1 Build 196 Service Pack 1 provides the five following corrections:

 1. In the ARCnet debug Excel spreadsheet, the property editor can now be run.( Defect 1633).

 2. Exporting points to MNView or XBuilder, now allow up to 32 characters for the name and up to 50 characters for the description. (Defect 1706).

 3. In StruxureWare Building Operation WorkStation, MicroNet Interfaces can no longer be exported/imported. All MicroNet engineering should be done in VisiSat first and then imported into StruxureWare. (Defect 1765).

4. Newly created blank pointslists can now be saved without production an error message. (Defect 1784).

5. Exports to StruxureWare no longer produce Memory leaks.(Defect 1808).


VisiSat 2.1 build 196
StruxureWare Building Operation Version 1.4 Onwards


Correction of five known defects.


This Service Pack should only be added to VisiSat 2.1.196

When installed, the VisiSat 2.1 Build version/build number increases to 2.1.200. (due to one of the files in 'Program Files'). VisiSat will still show as Build 2.1.196 in Control Panel - Programs - Programs and Features - Uninstall or change program.

Installing VisiSat Service Pack 1

  1. Shutdown VisiSat and the VisiSat-Server.
  2. Run "VisiSat 2.1.196 Service Pack 1.exe".
  3. Extract to VisiSat installation root drive. (or extract to another location and move the Satchwell folder, created when extracted to the root of the C: drive).
  4. To the question 'Would you like to replace the exiting file',
  5. select 'Yes to All'
  6. Restart VisiSat.

Click here to download VisiSat 2.1 Build 196 Service Pack 1(Opens in new window).

See Lessons learned article 13385 where information on VisiSat 2.1 Build 196 Service Pack 2 can be found and the serviec pack downloaded. (Opens in new window).

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