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Visitor Management Software & EasyLobby


  1. Can the EasyLobby software be integrated to I/NET Seven only, or can it be integrated to the I/NET Host Tool?
  2. Do you have a detailed configuration guide to integrate to I/NET systems?
  3. Is there any Visitor Management Software (VMS) that works with I/NET?


  • I/NET Seven
  • I/NET Host Tool
  • EasyLobby
  • Visitor Management Software (VMS)
  • Easy Lobby


I/NET site and client is requesting a Visitor Management Software


Concerning EasyLobby, they have a full integration to I/NET; however, it was not a joint effort. They did it on their own without I/NET R&D involvement. I/NET development/PSS has never tested it, and will not support the integration in any way.

Please contact  EasyLobby support if there are any integration issues. The product is only supported on Continuum because Continuum in Boston & Easy Lobby did that integration together. EasyLobby obtained a copy of v2.40 of I/NET and did their own interface without Product Support Services. 

For third party individual management software programs which work with I/NET, search Lessons Learned for "ID Works."

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