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Vista 5.1 License Packages


Vista 5.1 License Packages


Vista 5.1 Licensing


The TAC Vista software is modular and each function can be purchased separately. For convenience we have bundled modules into various packages: Standalone, Standard, Manager, Professional and Enterprise.


The table below describes the contents of each licensing package.

Product Packages
Standalone Standard Manager Professional Enterprise
Workstation X X X X X
Graphics Editor OGC       X X
Graphics Editor TGML       X X
Report Generator     X X X
OPC Tool          
IPCL Editor          
Central IPCL Editor          
Database Generator          
I/NET Integrated          
I/NET Security          
Menta 5.1       X X
XBuilder 5.1       X X
Vista Server X1 X X X X
OPC Client          
System 7          
Webstation3         X2
  1. Limited server. Server-to-Server network and ability to be used with Webstation and ScreenMate is disabled.
  2. Three Client Access Licenses, CALs (000882711).
  3. See product datasheet for part. nos. for various Client Access Licenses, CALs.
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