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Vista 5.1 Multi-Bind .[OBJECT] functionality allows for up to two network levels


In Vista 5.1, TGML graphics bindings can be bound using a multi-bind .[OBJECT] bindings. Dragging and dropping a single object can then automatically bind all other defined signals, for example. But there is a limitation of two network levels.


  • Vista 5.1 Workstation
  • TGML Graphics
  • Bindings window


Controllers with standard naming (especially application specific controllers with pre-defined naming) can be bound to graphics more quickly and efficiently with the use of multi-binding. There are limitations to what can be multi-bound simultaneously.


Multi-binds can bind all defined signals for up to two levels of their database structure. For example:

RoomTemperature.[OBJECT] can be used to bind:
RoomTemperature.PV and

You can travel up one more level, though to get even more signals at once:

SUMMARY.[OBJECT] can be used to bind:
SUMMARY.RoomTemperature.PV and
SUMMARY.RoomTemperature.OVR and

You cannot travel up any more levels, so you could not do:

LonworksNetwork.[OBJECT] in order to bind all signals in a network at once.

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