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Vista Alarms


Problems with Alarms in Vista

Problem configuring alarms in Vista


Vista Workstation


Improper alarm configuration


Here are steps to configure each part of the Alarm  in Vista.

Change of State Object - This is the source of the alarm.

  1. Right click on a folder in Vista and select New>Object>change of State
  2. Name The Object
  3. Double Click on the Object to modify it
  4. Provide a description of the Alarm and set a priority level if required.
  5. Click on the Object Tab and select the Object to Monitor and the Reference property
  6. Click on the Alarm Tab
  7. Select an Alarm processing control.  These should be located under the TAC Vista Root object. The default is $Alr_Cntrl
  8. Fill in the appropriate text field.  Note: "Text for" fields are text issued as the result of the alarm. "Triggering" text should only be used when monitoring a string value.
  9. Set low and High Limit for the alarm to occur
  10. Set Minimum change: This is the smallest deviation required to trip an alarm when using numeric values.

Alarm Receiver Objects - These objects route alarms that are intended to go outside of Vista. There are 3 types: Print, file, and Mail (email)

  1. Right click on a folder in Vista Workstation and select New>Object>Alarm Receiver - E-Mail (or applicable type
  2. Name The Object
  3. Double Click on the Object to modify it
  4. In the General Tab provide the description and appropriate information for your alarm type (email recipient)
  5. In the Alarm Fields Tab, select the fields you wish to appear in the printout or email
  6. If you are using Alarm Receiver - Video you will need to set the video settings in the General tab and select cameras to record in the Video Cameras Tab
  7. Click Okay

Alarm Control Group - This allows us to control distribution of an alarm.  Multiple control Groups will allow multiple distribution lists. 

  1. From Vista Workstation, right click on the TAC Vista folder (Alarm Control Objects can only be created here)
  2. Select New>Object>Alarm Control
  3. Name the Object
  4. Double Click on the Object to modify it
  5. Enter a description
  6. Click "Add" and browse to the desired Alarm Receivers
  7. Click on the Acknowledge tab and configure appropriate parameters
  8. Click on the Time Control
  9. Here you can browse to a time variable that will determine when to use the Alternate Receivers list
  10. Add Alternate receivers
  11. Click OK
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