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Vista DSSWriterService - Permission


  • No events in Vista
  • No events in SQL
  • $Queue grows in size


  • Vista
  • DSSWriterService
  • SQL


DSSWriterService are responsible to transfer log data and event's from TAC Vista queues into the SQL Database, its crucial that this process has enough authority else no logs or event's will be written.


To change user that handles DSSWriterService go to

  1. Click on Start - Settings - Control Panel
  2. Open Administrative Tool and execute Services
  3. In the list to the right (Services) locate TAC DSS Writer Services
  4. Right click the TAC DSS Writer Services and choose properties
  5. Click on tab Log On
  6. Use local System account or under "This account" specify a user with correct authority

Restart the Service and check the $queue folder, If folder insertevents and insertlogvalues are empty or just have a few files that are being removed DSS Writer are working and have a connection with SQL.

NOTE: After Vista 5.1.7 the Queue folders have been reworked and there are additional folders under insertevents and insertlogvalues so you will have to navigate under them find the Event/log files.

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