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Vista - Log database offline / Online


  • Vista - Log database offline
  • Access denied


  • Vista
  • SQL


Receiving an alarm in Vista about "log database offline," means that the DSS writer has somehow failed to read to SQL Database. Every time this happens,  an application event should be created in the Windows Event View. It can be caused by several different reasons, but the most common are:

  1. SQL is not reachable
  2. A virus scan is under progress for the created event under the $queue folder


These steps may vary slightly depending on the operating system installed on the PC. These steps describe the process in Windows XP.

  1. Highlight "My Computer," right-click, and choose Manage
  2. Choose Event Viewer and click on "Application"
    1. Check for Type "Error" and Source "Vista" at the same time range as the alarm in Vista
    2. Double click on the alarm and read the explanation for it

If a virus program is installed, make sure the $queue folder is in the exception list.

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