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Vista - Program settings/User profile save


Program settings and User profile lost after upgrade.


  • Vista


When you upgrade Vista to a new version, a new folder structure is created in the Windows registry. All saved user profiles are stored in the previous version folder structure and need to be exported and imported to the new folder.


First make sure you save the user profile

  • File - Save my program settings

Go to

  • Start - Run
  • enter regedit
  • Locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TAC\TAC Vista Workstation

All Vista version that has been installed can be viewed here. Enter the folder which version you saved the userprofile.

Go to

  • TAC Vista Workstation - Settings

Right click on the user you want to export and export.

Right click on the .REG file created and choose Edit.
Change all navigation paths to the version you want to import to. When its done save and right click and choose merge.

PS: You can change the folder name in the registry to the correct version and export. Remember to change the name back again afterward.

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