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Vista Server log files


What log files exist in Vista Server and can be used to help diagnose problems experienced by Vista Server.


  • Vista 4.x.x/5.x.x
  • b0warlog.txt
  • b0dbglog.txt
  • b0errlog.txt
  • b0cfglog.txt


Vista Server creates log files in the $log sub directory of the Vista database folder. These logs are created as needed when a warning, error, or other message that needs to be communicated.

The nature of messages in these log files are related to the Vista Server installation, configuration, and errors experienced when processing data from the network defined in Vista Server. Alarms and errors caused by the actual network are not displayed in these log files but are visible in the alarm pane or event log inside the Vista database.

If experiencing a problem in Vista Server review of these log files and matching the time stamps can help identify the cause of the problem.


There are multiple log files created when a warning or error occurs. Each message is time stamped with details of the process and message.

b0warlog.txt - Warning Log File

Warnings are recorded here. Some Vista Server alarms might point here for more details such as failure to transfer logs from a programmable controller.  Can also find configuration errors such as SMTP setup problems, failure to write property values,  or Vista report problems when trying to launch Microsoft Excel.

b0dbglog.txt - Debug Log File

Information related to debugging messages

b0errlog.txt - Error Log File

Error messages that are more severe then warnings relating to Vista Server.

b0cfglog.txt - Configuration Log File

Configuration messages such as importing a network from the Vista System Plug-in or communication port problems in LonWorks networks.

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