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Vista Server - "Comm port not configured" error message


Vista Server - "Comm port not configured" error message


  • Vista Workstation
  • LonMaker


While reviewing the EMS if mouse over a point you get a "comm port not configured" error message and points appear offline. This isn't a Vista Server issue however its an LNS issue resulting in the lonmaker protocol not working correctly.


  1. Open LonMaker
  2. You should receive a "recovery - global" error message.
  3. Close LonMaker 
  4. Proceed to the following path on the clients computer.
  5. Find the "objects.dat" file. This file should disappear when Vista and LonMaker aren't running.
  6. Shutdown Vista Server and LonMaker and see if the file disappears.
  7. If it doesn't then this file has been corrupted and needs to be deleted.
  8. Once you delete the file open LonMaker and verify the error message is gone.
  9. Once verified, start Vista Server and check communication and the "comm port not configured error message should be gone as well.
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