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Vista central time chart and TAC Xenta Server time chart


  • Vista central time chart and TAC Xenta Server  time chart - what happens when communication between Vista server and TAC Xenta Server is lost
  • When is TAC Xenta Server time chart updated from Central time chart?
  • Central time chart overwritten from TAC XBuilder


  • TAC Xenta 731, TAC Xenta 721, TAC Xenta 711, TAC Xenta 701, TAC Xenta 511. TAC Xenta 527, TAC Xenta 555
  • TAC XBuilder
  •  TAC Vista


The Xenta Server only knows about its own time objects that is defined in XBuilder (or TSCHI in Menta). There are no synch between the central chart and the local time object.

If you download the project from XBuilder, times defined from the central chart will be overwritten. To avoid this you have to perform a Get from Target before download, or you have to open the central time chart again and click ok to update the local time object once again.


When you change a time in a central time schedule the change gets written down to the TAC Xenta Server time object the same way as a manual update.

After the correct time has been set in the TAC Xenta Server time object,  from the central time chart,  the controller will operate using these times until it gets new information. It does not matter if the connection to the TAC Vista Server is lost.

To perform get from target:

  1. In TAC XBuilder go to Project > Get from target
  2. Select "Get online changes"
  3. Click OK
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