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Vista does not recognise Gesytec USB LON interface


Gesytec drivers have been installed and the Gesytec device appears in Device Manager.  However there is no indication on what to call the device when entering the properties for the Lonworks Communication Port in Vista and the usual 'LON1' produces the message 'non-existent physical object'.





When the Gesytec drivers are installed, the device adapter is not given a default name.  Vista requires a name to bind the adapter to a logical communication port object. 


In Device Manager find the Gesytec device and select Properties.
On the Advanced tab select the 'Lon Adapter' property and give it a Value of 'LON1' from the drop down list (if this is the first LON interface on the PC).
Close Device Manager.
Restart Vista Server and Workstation.
In the properties for the Communication port, enter 'LON1' in the Network Interface field

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