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Vista report columns are incorrectly formatted


When Vista reports are opened in Microsoft Excel, various columns show trend log values as times.

 The columns above in green are correct, they are formatted correctly. The column in red is in a time format instead of the expected percentage format.


  • Vista 5.1.7
  • Microsoft Excel


There is a formatting incapability between Vista 5.1.7 and Microsoft Excel.


The formatting issue will be corrected in Vista 5.1.8. If using Vista 5.1.7, Hotfix 18 will correct this issue and can be downloaded here. The work around for this problem is to reformat the affected column(s) before saving or printing the report. To reformat a column in Microsoft Excel, following these steps:

  1. Open the Vista report.
  2. Select the entire column that has been formatted incorrectly.
  3. Right click on that column and go to Format Cells...
  4. Under the Number tab, select the format that is desired for these values. Click OK.
  5. Now print or save the report.

Note: Once this change is made and saved into Vista, the issue may still occur in the future. This is just a way to correct the problem temporarily to view the correct values.

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