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Weather information provided through the weather module in I/A Series G3 is no longer updating.


Weather information provided through the weather module in I/A Series G3 is no longer updating.


I/A Series G3 Enterprise Network Server, ENC-410, ENC-520


The National Weather Service hosts the data service used by the Niagara weather module's default provider, the "NWS Weather Provider".

At some point during the week of September 26th, the National Weather Service moved the location of their forecasted weather conditions service.  No advanced warning of the change was provided.

The error message encountered may include:

WARNING [10:04:20 30-Sep-11 EDT][weather] Updating forecast failed for WeatherReport
javax.baja.sys.BajaException: 404 Not Found
at auto.javax_baja_weather_BWeatherReport.invoke(AutoGenerated)
at com.tridium.sys.schema.ComponentSlotMap.invoke(
at com.tridium.sys.engine.EngineUtil.doInvoke(
at javax.baja.sys.BComponent.doInvoke(
at javax.baja.util.Worker.process(
at javax.baja.util.Worker$


The weather service has been updated in patched weather modules to use the new data service location.  A number of other enhancements have also been made to better detect this situation and attempt to automatically resolve the issue by better following the 'HTTP Moved Permanently' error response messages. This may help reduce the impact of future unannounced National Weather Service data service changes.

Although some users may wish to work around this problem by making changes to hidden fields on the weather provider, this is not recommended because it leaves stations exposed problems resulting from future data feed changes.

forecast server:
forecast path: /xml/sample_products/browser_interface/ndfdBrowserClientByDay.php

The NWS has also deprecated the current condition feeds previous retrieved from the servers. These are now being replaced by feeds made available at  The new patched weather module will automatically use the feeds at the new location. As a temporary workaround, the Nws Weather Provider's hidden slot "conditions server" can be modified with the new value "".

It is recommended that weather service users upgrade to the most recent weather module for their release.  The modules can be downloaded from The Exchange Download Center.

weather- or higher
weather- or higher
weather- or higher

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