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Web Client browser Error 417 or Could not create ACWPPServerProxy Application on remote server error.


Getting errors when opening Web Pinpoint or a Web client schedule.


Web Client Browser.


Communication back to the Web Client server is being blocked for Web Pinpoint and Web Schedules but other parts of Web Client are operating correctly.

Errors displayed are:


These errors are caused by a proxy server or firewall used on the site that is blocking some of the Web client data.

Typically to remove:

• Go to the Web Proxy or Firewall software
• Edit settings - typically in the Advanced Tab
• Disable HTTP Strict Mode
• Save
• Restart Proxy/ firewall

These steps may vary from product to product, but it is letting the majority of the Web Client data through in order to logon and view points etc, but blocking the Web Pinpoint and Scheduler data.

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