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Web Pinpoint "cannot find pin file" error


Shared Newgraphics file not accessible thru IIS connections.


Continuum WebServer 1.92

MS Server 2008 Standard.


Security Enhancements caused Pass-Through Authentication Failure with MS 2008 server IIS application.


  1. On the System that the graphic files are located share the folder and give everyone full control permissions.
  2. On the IIS server create a new virtual directory. Name it Newgraphicsfiles and path to where the graphics are located
  3. In IIS Manager, scroll down to Directory Browsing and enable it.
  4. On the Webserver system, Map a drive to the share for newgraphicsfiles.
  5. In all the Continuum Graphics add the mapped path to the options tab.
  6. A service account will need to be created in Active Directory. The account will need to have log on locally rights.
    For example, create an account ContinuumService and add the account to the Back up operators group.
    The IT group will need to be involved at this point. They will determine what the name and what group the account will belong to.
  7. Once the account is created  open IIS manager and right click on the newgraphicsfiles directory and select Manage virtual directory / advance settings.
  8. In the Physical Path Credentials add the account IT created domain\account
  9. Test the account by going to http://servername/newgraphicsfiles
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