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Web Service addition SOAP Web Service


How to add Web Service and create SOAP Web Service with Graphic


StruxureWare Building Operation site with release 1.2 or later


What are Web Services and how to add to my existing StruxureWare Building Operation site.

1.How to add SOAP Web Service files and how to add to a project or site
2. How to create values from SOAP Web Service Files
3. How to add values to graphic that uses the values from SOAP Web Service


Wikipedia: A Web Service is a method of communication between two electronic devices over the web (internet). W3C: A "Web Service" as "a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network."

Web Services:
1. are hardware, programming language, and operating system independent
2. Applications written in different programming languages and running on different platforms can seamlessly exchange data over intranet or the internet using Web Services
3. Web Service interfaces are supported in both the AS and ES(does not support connection over a ProxyServer)
4. Like BACnet, Lon, and Modbus, you can create a Web Service interface.

This article explains adding Sunrise and Sunset for a particular location data using SOAP Web Service:
Select New...Interface...Web Service...SOAP Web Service

Next Paste the URL which has the SOAP Web Service feature ((to find sunset/sunrise for your area, Google WSDL data) and location coordinates

Get Operations button pulls in the data. Select Next  which shows the values and times and then select Create

Create values by highlighting SOAP Web Service then File....New...Value

Choose Next and highlight the specific for the values then select Create

Here are the SOAP Web Service sunrise/sunset values

If desired, Bind those values to a graphic

Lastly for SOAP Web Service a graphic is created and the values which come from the SOAP Web Service are place on the page

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