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Web based email should not be used to deliver Keyless Licensing information files (c2v) or activation files (v2c).


One of the following errors is thrown by the Hasp Key Utility when attempting to update the Continuum License key using the V2C file received from Schneider Electric.

>> Invalid Parameter

>> Update failed: KeyIdNotFound


  • Continuum 2.0
  • Hasp Key Utility
  • License


The V2C file that was emailed to the customer is corrupted.


When Web based email is used to receive the v2c file from Schneider there have been cases where the file is not received in it's original form.  When this happens the file size of the attachment appears to be correct.  When the c2v file is save to a folder on the workstation PC however, the file size reported is 0kb. 

The solution to this is to use a non web based email application like Outlook or Outlook Express. 

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