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Webclient pro and webclient personnel support different features


Webclient pro and personnel support different features and there is a need to define what the differences are



Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008


The differences between Webclient Pro and Webclient Personnel are listed in the Webclient Installation guide, but it will be helpful to have these differences and features listed specifically in this Lessons Learned article.


Personnel features 

web.Client is an application that provides you with web-enabled access everywhere, all the time. By using a standard browser, your authorized personnel can access the Continuum facility management system in real time across your site’s local area network (LAN) or across your wide-area network (WAN). web.Client is either added to a LAN Andover Continuum CyberStation system or installed with a standalone CyberStation on a single PC. With the basic web.Client Personnel Manager option, your users can: 

-Create, search for, edit, and delete personnel records

-Change employee access privileges

-View a person’s access events

-View and generate reports of all access events, including area access events, access events by persons, and distribution-event transactions via the Access Distribution View

-Edit and view schedules and calendars.

-Change a password.

Pro features

With the advanced web.Client Pro option, your users have all the features of the basic web.Client Personnel Manager option as well as the following additional features: 

-Create, run, and view graphical reports (class object Report), including bar charts, pie charts, trend charts, text reports, and so on. 

-List and view graphics and groups

-View live system alarms and live events

-View live video, as well as search for and view recorded video, via the class object, VideoLayout.

-Search for web.Client objects by exploring a folder tree hierarchy or a network/device tree hierarchy, or by using a text search engine 

-Edit and view Loops and TrendLogs.

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