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What Anti Virus applications are qualified for use with Continuum software?


Need to protect Continuum Workstations from Virus and Malware threats.


Continuum Workstation


There are many Anti Virus applications on the market, how to choose which one to use on a Continuum Workstation machine.


We do not qualify any specific Anti Virus applications or definitions for use with Continuum software. You can use whatever Anti Virus you want on the machine Continuum is installed on as long as Continuum was installed when that Anti Virus was disabled as this can hinder files from being copied, dll's from being registered, and registry entries from being created / modified.

If there are conflicts with Continuum and the specific Anti Virus application being used, you may need to add the Continuum folder and / or the Continuum processes to the exclusion lists.
For details on specific environments that have been qualified with Continuum consult the Compatibility Matrix. (Please see LL#4240)
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