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What are the Currency units?


What are the currency units 1-10?


StruxureWare Building Operation site


When adding a unit to a value, you have the choice of Currency units. Currency units 1 through 10 are not defined.


Using Workstation units, Currency1…Currency10 BACnet specific and to be used in BACnet devices rather than in the StruxureWare Building Operation system. These currency units have absolutely nothing to do with money (US dollar $, GBP £, Euro €, etc.)

Currency units (1-10), are to be able to translate BACnet units using StruxureWare Building Units. Basically, if a site encounters a BACnet device which is using one of those units, Building Operation needs to be able to convert it to something displayable in Building Operation. The main reason they are there is so Building Operation can comply with the “BACnet workstation” requirements.

In most cases the customers need for setting a currency unit to a value could be solved by simply adding the label containing the currency symbol after another label stating the value itself into a graphic.

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