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What are the Netcontroller II Restart modes?


When a NCII 9680 starts up what determines which mode is used, as it does not have an ACCRestartMode system variable as per the bCX1.


Netcontroller II CX9680



Clarification of the way a Netcontroller II starts up is required.


It is only the BACnet bCX1 controllers that allow you to manually set the ACCRestartMode.

The NCII however still can do the 3 different start up modes (Warm, Cool or Cold) but it will depend on the situation.

When the controller powers up it will try to do a warm start, if the battery is plugged in (it is shipped disconnected) and the internal RAM checksum is valid it will continue the programs from where they were prior to power fail. Also all data and logging will be retained.

If the RAM is not valid the controller attempts a Cool start, if you have a valid Flash backup (see Sys Var' ACCStatusBackup) then it will copy over the data from Flash to RAM and all Auto start programs will start up from their first line.

If there is no valid RAM or Flash backup the controller will be empty and do a cold start.

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