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What are the available I/O point channels when using an i2 controller on an Infinity system?


How do points map from a i2 controller and the xP expansion modules to Infinity SX8000?


Using Continuum i2 controllers and xP modules on SX8000 Infinity systems.


The I/O channels on expansion modules are different from Infinity to Continuum.


You can add an i2 controller to your Infinet networks on Infinity and it will co-exist with the other Infinity controllers.
The controller will be seen as a equivalent infinity controller i.e. a i2850 will be seen as a TCX850. Also you will not be able to use any of the additional features that a i2 controller has like the flash memory or the smart sensor connection.

For Expansion modules you could however use the xP modules (not including the xP display) the attached spreadsheet that shows how the i2 controllers I/O channels will be seen by the Infinity Controller.

Download the spreadsheet here.


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