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What are the card number restrictions associated with various access card types.


Personnel distributions failing due to illegal card numbers configured in personnel objects.


  • CyberStation
  • Personnel Objects


Each card type has restrictions as to what site codes can be used and the maximum card number that can be used. 


 The following is a summary of card types and the site codes and card numbers that are available to each.

Card Format Site Code Card Number
Wiegand26 0 – 255 (8-bit) 0 – 65535 (16-bit)
Infinity_37 0 – 4095 (12-bit)    0 – 524287 (19-bit)
HIDCorp1000_35 0 – 4095 (12-bit)  0 – 1048575 (20-bit)
CustomWiegand 0 - 65535 (16-bit)    0 – 4294967295 (32-bit)


Note: Site codes of 0 cannot be entered through the old style Personnel Editor, use Personnel Manager or set attributes through a list view.

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