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What are the rules for linking objects between Niagara R2 Stations?


What are the rules for linking objects between Niagara R2 Stations?


Niagara R2 stations


Additional information on linking rules to correctly linked objects between Niagara R2


The following are the Niagara R2 link rules for inter-station and external station links:

  1. Link as many inputs to a single output as needed (“one-to-many”).
  2. For any input property that is already linked, no further link to it is permitted unless the property is a priorityArray type or trigger type (or certain types of Lon properties). Only then is a “many-to-one” link allowed.
  3. External links (between stations) have further restrictions. The following types of external links are not permitted (nor are they shown in the Link Editor):
  • Links between prioritizedOutputs and priorityArray input properties.
  • Links between properties using triggerType data species.
  • Links from a GxText object to an internal property of another object (only inputs or outputs are available).
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