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What cable should be used for a Modbus RTU network?


When using the Modbus RTU X Driver on RS-485 what cable type should be used and what maximum distance would it give?


Modbus RS-485 XDriver.

bCX1, NC2



Recommended cable type required.


The Modbus RTU is a standard RS-485 network and you can use the same networking rules as per the Infinet network.

As long as the baud rates are set the same you can even use an Infilink 200 or a B Link to act as a repeater.

Unless the Third Party device manufacturer specifies different requirements the Belden 9182 or a similar cable that matches the Infinet specification would be suitable, again as per Infinet rules this would typically allow a maximum end to end distance of 1200 Meters.


Also check out the SmartStruxure-RS485-Network Installation Quick-Help video on the Exchange.

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