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What data formats are supported by the Modbus IP X Driver


When using the Modbus TCP/IP XDriver will the data type used by a 3rd party system be supported.


Modbus TCP X-Driver


Not every possible format of data is included in the Modbus IP X Driver.


The following data formats are supported in version ModbusTCPIP_2ndGen200018.xdr:

1 - Unsigned Integer 16 bit
2 - Signed Integer 16 bit
3 - Reverse Floating Pont 32 bit
4 - Floating point 32 bit
5 - Long Integer Unsigned 32 bit
6 - Long Integer Unsigned Swapped 32 bit

If the products used have a different data format then this would require a new development of the X Driver, please see Lessons Learned Article #5376 for contact details.

Also ensure that the X Driver point type created (Numeric, Input, Output) is supported by the function code used. Check out the X Driver manual for the list of point types supported by each function code. For example Function code 3 can be used with Numerics and Outputs, but not Inputs.

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