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What does block attribute EMSCO control in a Network 8000 MicoFlo II controller?


A jobsite is being retrofitted for SmartStruxure.  It currently uses Network 8000.  When the GCM is removed, the existing MicroFlo II controllers must control individually until a SmartStruxure AS is ready.   Can the EMSCO attribute be used to switch to local control until the AS is online?


Network 8000

MicroFlo II controller


Standalone control requirements


From the MicroFlo II Engineering Manual (F-23119): 

If this input is ON, the MICROFLO II controller will operate from the GCM's setpoints.
If this input is OFF, the local setpoints are used. If the input goes ABNORMAL or NOT ACTIVE the controller will treat it as an OFF.

Under typical operation, EMSCO is ON and setpoints from the GCM are used.  The moment it switches to OFF (ie: loss of communication to a GCM), the local setpoints will be used.
At this jobsite, ensure the local setpoints are identical to the GCM-based setpoints so that when the GCM is removed and EMSCO switches to OFF, the MicroFlo II continues to control.
This will provide temporary control until an AS is brought online.

There are other 'EMS'-based attributes that should also be reviewed depending on how applicable they are to VAV control at a jobsite.  See the engineering manual for more information.

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