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What does the Error LED on a NetController/CX9900 indicate.


 The error LED on a CX9900 Controller is flashing.  What does this mean.

What do the various NetController Error LED blink rates indicate.


  • NCI
  • CX9900
  • CX9000


An controller error has occurred.


The ERROR indicator remains OFF until an error occurs.

If the NetController fails an internal system test, the ERROR indicator blinks a preset number of times, then pauses, and repeats the blinking and pausing sequence. This blinking pattern will persist until you reset the controller.

The number of blinks between pauses identifies the specific problem (as shown in the table below).

ERROR Indicator Blink Rates (before a pause)

# Blinks                Type of Failure                                                              

17                           CX Firmware is corrupt (Bad Flash/ROM or bad update)

18                           LAN Card's memory is faulty - Try replacing the LAN Card.

19                           Problem creating certain System Tasks - Maybe due to lack of memory.

20                           Problem with the NIC - Try replacing the LAN Card

22                           RTC Failed - Possible Hardware issue

24                           Problem with the PIT chip - H/W related

25                           Problem creating Timer Tasks - Maybe due to lack of memory

28                           The RAM memory is faulty or bad. Try replacing the RAM module(s).

29 to 62                                 Problem creating certain System Tasks - Maybe due to lack of memory.

63                           Copy protection - Flash Upgrade file is invalid for this Controller

(UPD file is Serial # protected)

64                           Problem creating the Uprev task - Maybe due to lack of memory.

Note: If a Plain English program disables due to an error, the ERROR indicator illuminates and stays ON (without blinking)—if this occurs, you can turn the indicator off by setting the ERRORS system variable to zero.

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