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What files make up a complete DMS database backup?


One folder, on a jobsite computer, contains all the DMS backups done over the past several years. 
Since each backup contains multiple files, how can the files be identified and then grouped together for easy retrieval in the future?


DMS35, DMS350A, and DMS3500 (revisions 9, 10, and 11)


Multiple DMS backups were performed from the same jobsite computer.
They were not grouped by name or date.
All the backup files exist in one folder in a disorganized state.


The files created from a database 'save' for a DMS35 or DMS3500 are:

  • filename.IOC (stores DMS point IDs, records, alarm parameters)
  • filename.UC (stores DMS point configuration elements)
  • filename.PG (stores DMS tables and schedules)
  • filename.UDP (stores UDPs in the DMS panel)

The files created from a database 'save' for a DMS350A include the four listed above as well as:

  • filename.Dxx (stores DCM tables, schedules, and other elements)
  • filename.Uxx (stores DCM UDPs)
    • where xx = DCM address 01-32
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