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What is enabled on my Continuum Security Key?


What is enabled on my Continuum Security Key?


Continuum Security Key


There's a need to know what version of Continuum is enabled on the key


The supported version of the keys and what options are available on the key can be verified by doing the following using Microsoft Excel on a Workstation with Continuum and the key installed:

  1. Open MS Excel
  2. Select Insert> Object
  3. Select SecurityKeyreader Control and then Ok

You will see an object inserted into the spreadsheet with a list of products on the left and options on the right.

Serial Number 1016019 Options
Number of Points -1 Adv.WebServerEnable
Number of Personnel -1 EpiSuiteEnabled
Platform Lan(Multi) OPTxtLoggingEnabled
Type Prog.Intg. PESourceCntlEnabled
Max Version 1.79
Global 1 0
Global 2 0
Global 3 0
Global 4 0

Windows 7 64 bit will not support the MMC.exe option (mentioned below)  

Use the command       mmc.exe /32     This will allow the activex snap-in to be added and will work on a 64 bit PC


ActiveX controls in Excel 32 bit are not exposed by default.

Use the following Excel spreadsheet (zipped) to read the security key instead. (Excel must be installed and must be on a 32 bit PC(64 bit shows this as blank)

Security Key Reader Excel File

You may be prompted to enable the activex control

Excel 2003 - The application is about to initialize ActiveX controls that might be unsafe. If you trust this document, select Yes and the control will be initialized.

Excel 2007/2010 - Notice the Security Warning below the Toolbar

                                  Click options

                                  Select Enable this content

Upgrading a key requires a call to repair (978-975-9464) for a cookie to update the key. In order to install the cookie, you must be use the program, CyberKeyWriter2.exe to enter the new key which is on every Cyber CD in the Continuum\bin folder. 

Note: Also see Lessons Learned Article #2868 that describes another method to see this information using MMC.

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